Patented frame of the window casement Zero Sash by AJM

Without innovation there is no development and without development no progress. We are aware of these causal connections too, so in our development department and in cooperation with different external partners we constantly look for new options and solutions for improvements and supplements of our existing products as well as comprehensive new products. The results of continuous investment in development are reflected in the annual novelties of our production-sales program as well as in patented inventions.

The Patent Office, which operates within the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) granted us a few days ago protection for our new invention or solution, which belongs to the product group Zero Sash by AJM. The subject of our invention is a frame of the window casement or door leaf with multi-layer glazing, more precisely, a uniform profile window frame with associated seal for sealing the cleft between the inner glass and window casement and with associated accessories for installation of interior and/or exterior adapters for the installation of several layers of insulated glass, including the covering of exterior and/or interior casement surfaces with adapters, in form of cover or decorative battens. 

The technical problem solved by this solution is how to design a uniform frame of the window casement or door leaf, on which it would be possible to install easily and quickly appropriate interior and/or exterior adapters that would enable installation of multi-layer insulated glass with usage of only one uniform and universal frame of window casement with additional sealing.

With insertion of appropriate adapters on the uniform frame of the casement the manufacture of windows and doors with multi-layer glazing and various thermal properties will be possible for new constructions as well as for existing, already built-in windows and doors.

We are pleased that we were able to find a solution, which will lead to progress in this industry, will enable development of new more advanced products and will thereby improve the satisfaction of our customers.