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Request form – Instructions

You are in our web request form. It is intended for informative sending of requests.


Below you will find brief instructions how to send a request. In case you find the following procedure to long, you can send your request via a contact form. You`ll find this form by clicking the tab on the top of the page or simply by clicking the following link: Contact form


Scroll to the item (product) for which you wish to receive an informative offer. Select the 'request' tab and then the link "add product to the cart". You are required to enter the dimensions, optionally you can choose suitable accessories. 


At accessories you can select only one product within a single group. For example: for a window only one blind, one exterior blind, exterior window sill and so one.


Once you fill in the dimensions and you select the desired data you must click the link “update” and your entry will be moved into the cart.


If you don’t want to complete your request, repeat the described procedure. Scroll to the item (product) that interests you, define the dimensions and other associated features or accessories. Your previous selection will be moved to the cart and will remain there until you will complete your selection.


If you have completed your request, you will by clicking the "send request" button be moved to the next step of the request form, where you will fill in your data and enter additional requirements regarding the offer. In the next step your entire application will be shown. Before you send it you should check the entered data.


By clicking the "Send" button your request will be forwarded to our commercial department. A copy of your request will be send to your Email, in case you gave us your address. Our sales managers will send you an offer or any additional questions as soon as possible.